With the Brand theme you can add an image slider on the homepage of your WordPress site.

If you prefer you can watch the video (turn closed caption on). Anyway, in the article there are additional informations.

Change the settings to show the slider

Access the Customizer (from the admin panel of WordPress go to Appearance> Customize).  Then navigate to Header Area> General. Here select the slider option as Header type on front page.

Customize the images of the slider

Inside the Customizer you can access the Slider panel and from here you can set the individual images of the slider:

  • Choose the image from the Media library or upload a new one;
  • Choose the color of the text;
  • Add a title;
  • Add a subtitle;
  • Choose the text and the url for the button.

If you leave empty one of the fields described above the corresponding element will not be displayed.

Change the number of the images

Brand theme inserts three images into the slider as a default setting. You can change the number of images to show by adding this simple code snippet in the functions.php file (always use a child theme to not lose the changes made!):

function more_slides () { 
    return 4; 
add_filter ('brand_slides_number', 'more_slides');


Slider settings

You can find the slider settings in the Customizer under the Slider > Settings section.

Here you can customize:

  • Autoplay: enables or disables automatic slides transitions;
  • Lazy loading: loads only the current, previous and next slide images to speed up page loading.
  • Delay: sets the delay between slides transitions (in milliseconds).
  • Speedsets the duration of transition between slides (in milliseconds).