Make sure you have installed Brand Premium plugin and have activated Brand Blog in Brand Theme > Brand Premium > Add-ons.

Now, to find your blog options go to Appearance > Customizer.

General settings

In the Customizer navigate to Blog > General. In this section you can see 4 new options: to hide or show date, author categories and tags in posts index and on single post.



Layout settings

In the Customizer navigate to Blog > Layout.

In this section you can customize the layout of the posts index.

Posts listing style

You can choose between two options:

  • Masonry grid: every post is placed in optimal position based on available vertical space;
  • Classic grid: every post in a row has the same height, regardless of its content.

When you choose the masonry grid option new settings appear to customize posts colors:

Columns number

Here you can set the number of posts to show in each row on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Post spacing

Sets spaces between posts using percentage. You don’t need to add the % symbol.