With the Brand Extensions Bundle you get all the extensions we made and also all future extensions we will made.

For just 50$ you get 204$ worth of premium extensions. The Brand Extensions Bundle includes an unlimited license, so you can install the extensions on unlimited sites.

What’s included?

The extensions included in the Brand Extensions Bundle are:

  • Brand Premium (and its 11 extensions¬†included in it)
  • Brand Portfolio
  • Brand Import Export

Will the Bundle include new extensions?

Yes, we will add every new extensions we realise in the Brand Extensions Bundle.

Adding new features and extensions the Bundle could be more expensive, but if you purchase it now the price will stay the same.

Is the license only for one site?

No. You can install the extensions on unlimited sites. So, if you are a web agency or a freelance that build websites for clients this Bundle is the right choice, because you can install each extensions on as many sites as you like.

What about support and updates?

The license gives you support and updates for one year from the date of the purchase. If you want to get support and updates after that date you can renew the whole Bundle or just the extensions that you want.

We offer a 30% discount on license renewal.

Pre-purchase questions

If you have pre-purchase questions contact us