Make sure you have installed Brand Premium plugin and have activated Sections in Brand Theme > Brand Premium > Add-ons.

Now create a new page or go to the edit screen of an existing page. You can see the Brand Sections box.

Set use sections to yes.

It creates an auto generated new section, as you can see below.

To add a new section to the page just click on Add Section.

We explain all the section options below:

Section width

You can choose two types of width:

  • Full Width: the section is as large as the window width ;
  • Boxed: the section is as large as the content width.

Content width

You can choose between two options:

  • Full Width: the content is as large as the section ;
  • Boxed: the content is as large as the content width you set in the Customizer.


Set the padding for each side of the section. You can use pixel or % units.

Background image

Choose an image to use as section background.

Use parallax

Enable or disable parallax effect on page scrolling.

Background color

Set the section background color.

Text color

Set the color of the text.

Link color

Set the color of the links.

Link hover color

Set the color of the links when the pointer is over them.

Text editor

Here you can write the section content, as you are used to do with the WordPress default text editor.