First of all make sure you have installed Brand Premium plugin and have activated Brand Typography in Brand Theme > Brand Premium > Add-ons.

Now, to find your typography options go to Appearance > Customizer. Here you can find the Typography panel. For each section of this panel you can customize the typography of a specific element of your site.

For each element you can customize the following options:

Font family

Here you can set the font family for your site, choosing between system fonts or more than 800 Google Fonts.

Font weight

Set the thickness of the font, choosing a numeric values between 100 and 900, or keyword normal and bold.

Text transform

Text-transform controls the capitalization of the text. There are four available options:

  • none :         the text renders as you write it
  • capitalize:  transforms the first character of each word to uppercase
  • uppercase: transforms all characters to uppercase
  • lowercase: transforms all characters to lowercase

Font size

Set the font size of your content inserting a numeric value into the field or dragging the slider.

Update Google Fonts list

We update Google Fonts list with every new release of Brand theme. Anyway you can keep your list updated using an API key provided by Google.

Just navigate to Settings > Brand Premium > Add-ons, expand typography section, paste your API key in the text field and click Save Settings.

If you want to know how to get an API key from Google read this page